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Zombie Xtras - 'Devil In The Flesh' (self released) 4/5

When BCFM and The Sunday Rockshow first launched, one of the first bands I sort of connected with was Birmingham Zombie Xtra's. They had just put out a remarkable mini album entitled 'The Killing Fields'. It was an album I took too immediately, it got played a lot on the show and ended up on the shortlist for our album of the year award.

Now four years later ZX are hitting us with their second album 'Devil In The Flesh'. I'll be honest here, 'Devil In The Flesh' isn't as immediate as 'The Killing Fields', the Rage Against The Machine influenced groove that made Killing Fields so effective is not so obvious this time around, instead Devil In The Flesh has a more old school metal groove to it and comes over almost like Black Sabbath on a stoner groove trip.

However I'm not saying that this release is any lesser a work than it's predecessor. It may not have hit me with Killing Fields in your face 'wow' factor, but after living with this record for a few weeks I'm finding I'm still loving every one of the seven tracks on offer here.The grinding bludgeon of the title track, the damnation boogie of Invocation and the epic Sabbathesque The Longest Journey are especially praise worthy. This album really is a grower.

Although I will say my favourite cut on offer here is the bonus track Redneck Agenda, a song with some biting political lyrics that really does sound a little like ZZ Top on a Cradle Of Filth trip.

If you've encountered Zombie Xtra's before you really should track down this album, I promise you you will not be disappointed. On the other hand if your new to these guys, Devil In The Flesh is as good a place to start as any.

Well worth checking out.

for fans of... Black Sabbath, In Solitude, Stone Axe...