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Boots N All - 'Up Your England' (self released) 4/5

I dunno too much about Boots N All. They come from the sleepy English town of Warminster and they play a rather impressive brand of in your face and fuck the system brand of Oi! punk, and this is their new five track ep.

Now anyone who has bit of Oi! knowledge will know exactly where these guys are coming from. Kicking off with a rather good little moonstomper entitled You Moved To America, a track that to my ears draws favourable comparisons to the legendary The Oppressed, this ep just blast along in a wall of gloriously aggressive righteous fury that puts a sonic Doc Martin full in your face and demands that you join the pogo pit. All five track on this one are just great, Freedom, Psycho, Oi Oi (What You Gonna Do) are all prime slices of the very best Oi fueled punk; however my fave cut on offer is the fantastic title track, a real underground punk classic in the making that sticks a lyrical boot into all aspects of 'the system' from the armed forces and the police, to the legal system and the royal family. My kinda music indeed.

OK I will be honest and say the production here is a bit rough, but as I have said before and will keep on saying when it comes to punk, production counts for nothing. Punk is about the three A's, Attack Attitude and Aggression, and those are three things that Boots N All have by the bucket load. Whats more the production here, or rather lack of only adds to that great punk DIY low budget feeling and ethos and makes the over all delivery all the better for it.

In short, what with the world of economic crisis, money grabbing bankers and Torey Governments the time is right for a bit of angry street punk to shout out for the masses, and when its Boots N All doing the shouting you just know you wanna join in.

First Rate Stuff

For fans of... Oi Polloi, Hard Skins, The Oppressed, Cockney Rejects, Chaos Reunion....