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The Dirty Youth - 'Fight' (RMR records) 4/5

This is the new single / sampler from female fronted Welsh rockers The Dirty Youth and its a rather interesting little three track package.

Starting with Fight itself, the lead single from their forthcoming debut album these lads and lass lay out their stall in fine style. The track sounds like either Within Temptation without the gothic pretensions or maybe Kids In Glass Houses on a metal trip, depending on how you look at it. But whatever your view point you can't deny that this is a great slice of headbangable old school style metal. They follow on with the B-side Crying Out For You, that keeps the pace up in fine style whilst sounding a tad like the late lamented SAL. Then we have the bonus track, a stripped down piano/vocal version of This Is For You, which for me provides the high point of this worthy release. This track is spine shiver inducing to the extreme and shows that there is more than one string to the bow of this promising young outfit.

With the once great SAL sadly no more the field is open for The Dirty Youth to claim the crown as kings of South Welsh female fronted hard rock as their own, and judging by this release they might just as well do it. Well worth checking out.

for fans of.. SAL, Paramour, Within Temptation, Doro, etc