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Queensryche - 'Dedicated To Chaos' (roadrunner records) 1.5/5

While I've never been the worlds biggest Queensryche fan, I will admit they have always been a band I've admired for their musicianship and approach to their music... that is until I tuned into this, their latest full length album.

To say I was disappointed is a vast under statement. OK the album starts well enough with Get Started, with a catchy hook and passable riff, and the following number Hot Spot Junkie isn't too bad, even if it is a little Queensryche by numbers. However then the good news ends and its all down hill from there. Got It Bad sounds like a bad attempt at a Prince cover with a ham-fisted Sitar player droning away in the background. Wot We Do is naff MTV synth rock. Around the World is a failed attempt at a power ballad with sub Foreigner stacked Harmony vocals and so the rest of the album continues with only some tasty guitar work on At the Edge to shed some hope on the musical disaster.

Even Geoff Tate, a guy once hailed as as one of the best voices in rock sounds jaded and seams to be just going through the motions. I've given this album repeated listens and tried to like it, but sadly this piss poor offering is light years from the glory years of Operation Mindcrime. FOR FANS ONLY.

For Fans of... once great bands who are content with going through the motions.

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