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Rock In Your Pocket - 'Gutterdub' (Artscare) 5/5

I'm often asked who in my opinion is the most promising act in Bristol at the moment, and currently I don't need to think before I answer - Rock In Your Pocket, their second single Doubtbox picked a fair bit of airplay on both Radio 6 and Radio 1, it's b-side Ditch The Witch became a bit of a listener fave on the BCFM show and their first rate live performances are becoming must sees in their native city . Now this is not to say there is not a lot of good and worthy acts in Brizzle at the moment, its just that in my mind RIYP are the cream of a very healthy crop. Now have the bands debut album to remind us just how good these guys are.

Now this album is a bit of a stormer, from the noise rock and pounding drum beat intro of opener and current single Nobody's Bitch But Mine to the down and dirty dub and grind of Le Son De L'Argent (Dirty Hands) every cut here is testament as to why RIYP are hailed by many (and not just me), as one of the finest acts in the South West, if not the UK in general.

Musically RIYP are one very eclectic blend of styles and influences; punk, old school hard-rock, avaunt guard noise experimentalism, post goth darkness, a bit of shoe gaze, glam rock, new wave, dub reggae....all fused together into one truly unique sound and delivered with a swagger and attitude that few acts if any can match. Vocalist and bassist Charlie Beddoes has an engaging and distinctive voice, often sounding almost ethereal and distant but always compelling. Her bass playing is by contrast, solid and driving; linking up perfectly with the drumming of whichever of the three drummers this album features, to keep the whole record driving on and relentlessly pounding on the consciousness like an angry bailiff on the door of a council tax defaulter. All this frees up guitar god in waiting Ben Fisher to do his stuff. Mr Fisher is a rare talent, no post Malmstein twiddle and dive bombs or Santanaesque sweet melodies from this guy, this is a man who makes his amp scream and then tortures the feedback The result is a mind blowing wall of sonic expression that really does have to be heard to be believed.

Highlights of this classic include the dark energy assault of Take It To The Grave, the gloriously black Dreams To Sell, the punk fueled anthem You Only Love Me When You're Drunk and of course the aforementioned dub-tastic Le Son De L'Argent (Dirty Hands).

Over all I was expecting great things from this album and RIYP have not disappointed in the delivery.

A classic debut from a band destined for great things

For fans of... Bauhaus, Jesus And Mary Chain, Talking Heads, Stranglers, The Banshees....

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